In addition to our community of tens of thousands of linguists who help convey all kinds of jobs into different languages, our core internal team is made up of a diverse group of people, all veterans of the tech and localization industries. Each and every one of us bring his passion and expertise to creating a community of unmatched talent and opportunity, where companies can hire and work with a gathering of amazingly talented people.

Who we are

Our team

Here are key stakeholders focused on building our community

Minjun Z. Founder

Minjun leads the technology team at AnyTranz, where he oversees the community's online platform as well as the technical team who power it.

Zhibin L. Founder

Zhibin leads human resources and business development at AnyTranz, where he oversees the community's growing and client success.

Changyuan C. Founder

Changyuan is responsible for operations, marketing, and client support at AnyTranz.