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    1、 准时交稿(译稿完整),不拖延。

    2、 译文表达准确、专业,文笔流畅。

    3、 确保专业用词的准确性。

    4、 作风严谨,责任心强,工作细致认真。

    5、 配合度高,对客户指出的问题及合理建议虚心接受,及时改进。

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In a memo sent Thursday night, Attorney General Jeff Sessions began rolling back Obama-era Justice Department charging and sentencing guidelines, instructing federal prosecutors to charge defendants with the most serious crime possible. The memo marks a different approach to drug-related offenses than the one taken under former Attorney General Eric Holder, who had ordered federal prosecutors in 2013 to refrain from charging defendants with certain offenses that could see long mandatory minimum sentences. Additionally, Mr Sessions’ memo marks the administration's first major criminal justice effort to crackdown on drug crime, a promise touted by President Trump on the campaign trail.