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    1、 准时交稿(译稿完整),不拖延。

    2、 译文表达准确、专业,文笔流畅。

    3、 确保专业用词的准确性。

    4、 作风严谨,责任心强,工作细致认真。

    5、 配合度高,对客户指出的问题及合理建议虚心接受,及时改进。

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China realises that the BRI must be open and inclusive to succeed. They should also surely be aware that such a plan cannot succeed without the cooperation of the host countries and the support of other developed countries.

For the host countries, the potential direct and indirect benefits of the BRI will likely outweigh any concerns of China's global dominance, political or otherwise. I foresee that pragmatism will prevail and they will embrace the BRI for its economic benefits. For other countries who are not directly involved, they can still benefit by participating in the implementation process and partake in the growth opportunities. Non-participation and non-engagement, in my view, is not an option!