Job details

1. 负责,用心,有耐心,易沟通 
2. 中英文功底扎实,表达流畅,具有英语思维 
3. 对翻译有热情,对译文有精益求精的态度 
4. 空余时间相对充足 

1. 翻译经验简短介绍 (证书需提供扫描件) 
2. 报价 


U can U up

Skills Trailer

A designer of objects, Iris Delvalle confesses to a particular interest in everyday objects for their creative, inspiring potential. They enable her to perceive the space around an object as a system in perpetual movement, juggling usage, symbolism, signs and reference points. Fascinated by this diversity, she has constructed a language of forms, which can be recognized in a large number of her projects. Objects are not her only passion, however : she is also a silk-screen printer. This technique offers her the possibility of switching between the figurative and the abstract. Only recently launched into the world of work, she is beginning to become known thanks to prix Cinna révélateur jeunes talents. Nothing if not ambitious, she founded a small brand, ‘Dahu edition’, in 2013, with a view to celebrating French manufacturing: collaborations between various designers result in small production runs of all kinds of objects.