Senior Trade Officer (Creative Industries), LE-O2, (Anticipatory)

Selection Process Nº: 164648-6

Salary: Starting Annual Gross Salary: 424,764 RMB (beforetax and employee social insurance contributions; employer social insurancecontributions are paid on top of the gross salary; salary is non-negotiable)

Contract Type: Term position (full-time) until March 31, 2025 *

Term Details: ** The results of this selection process may also beused to establish one or more pools of fully or partially qualified candidatesfor similar term, indeterminate, part-time or full-time openings at theConsulate General of Canada in Shanghai which might arise following thecompletion of this selection process**

Job Function: Officer

Classification: LE-O2

Location: the Consulate General of Canada in Shanghai

Number of Vacancies: 1

Closing date for application: 5 March, 2024 at 23:59 UTC/GMT +8:00

群内留言「 加拿大 @小助理 」即可申请



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